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The fingerprint sensor is in the perfect spot. What you might be surprised to find as I was is a microUSB port. In , this, like the headphone jack, is of a growing scarcity; conceding to the newer, more efficient and versatile reversible USB Type-C standard that most phones released within the last year now use.

The microUSB port feels a bit old fashioned. One of those key mobile trends was the rapid adoption of extended displays, a trait kicked off by the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S8 a year earlier.

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Impressively thin bezels surround the screen. In real-world use, colours are fine, pleasing even on first glance, but it pays to fiddle around with things. Contrast is a little lacking, with blacks appearing more like a dark grey that can shift to an even lighter tone when the screen is viewed off-axis.

The phone feels responsive as you navigate around home screens and between apps when multitasking; you might notice dropped frames when transitioning into split-screened usage and other more specialist UI features like picture-in-picture with Netflix , but nothing debilitating or apparent lasts long enough to be a real problem. The new Honor 10 Lite sports practically identical underlying hardware and having just reviewed that phone, I was pleasantly surprised by how gaming performance compares between the two.

The 10 Lite struggled to run 3D games outright, while Huawei appears to have done a better job optimising the P Smart , meaning more intensive 3D titles are genuinely playable. Android 10 is coming to the phone, too.

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EMUI 9. HiTouch is a recent addition to EMUI that lets you find and purchase goods from platforms like Amazon, just by pressing two fingers against a relevant image on-screen. That notch, meanwhile, sports an 8-megapixel fixed-focus front-facer, complete with basic face unlock functionality that works decidedly well, even in low light.

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Related: Best camera phones. Enabling AI in natural light pushes image quality just that little bit further. AI below helps reduce noise in low light…. An extension of HiTouch and accessed from within the camera, HiVision consolidates image recognition for search and shopping purposes, as well as real-time translation and QR code-scanning functionality into a single experience. The translate feature, in particular, seems near-useless based on my testing, while the other features work as advertised. Humble hardware and a large battery are often an appealing pairing and such a combination stands the P Smart in good stead, as far as longevity is concerned.

The relatively big battery means this phone lasts a decent amount of time per charge.

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I finished day one 8am to 11pm with 63 percent power left and just over 1. For reference, the similarly-equipped Honor 10 Lite doled out 4.

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Huawei's wearable OS could be great, but it doesn't fit this $230 smartwatch.

You can read more about how we make money in our Ethics Policy. None of these worked automatically in my testing. You do get dedicated heart and sleep tracking, plus a find my phone selection for when paired phones are misplaced. My mistake was not always activating the watch for workouts causing me to lose metric tracking. I would get steps and calories, but not duration, heart rate and data specific to said workout. Step counts often differed, by as many as 1, steps on one particular day when the Watch GT presented a more conservative total.

The heart rate monitor was also surprisingly good, never veering too far off any other device I tested at the same time. It can sometimes be almost spot-on. It was okay in noting total sleep time, but not always on the mark. Light sleeping and REM were confusing because it would assume I was sleeping lightly when I was just reading a book in bed.

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Over the course of 35 days, I only had to recharge it twice, and even then, it was never fully dead. With leisurely use of the fitness tracking features, I could easily see the watch lasting three weeks or longer before you reach for the charger. Using tracking every day, and liberal use of the GPS will especially knock that down considerably.

Huawei P Smart A great Android option for under £

But still, this was truly impressive battery life. Making compromises. As I noted earlier, the Watch GT is a device of compromise. A good-looking smartwatch, mind you, but a quasi-one, nonetheless. Finding it, however, is another story. The Pros Attractive design Great battery life User-friendly. The Cons No third-party apps Too big for women Finding it in retail. Being active My mistake was not always activating the watch for workouts causing me to lose metric tracking.