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What is especially remarkable here, the map displays a number of nearby objects with their names and type. This app is possible to use for delivery guys. When you handing a package over, you can choose the sigh function and get a digital sign by a client. There is also a common chat. No, it serves a different purpose.

It is really helpful for recording a touristic route, for example. There is nothing easier than to record it on this app. Or you are preparing for the important race and you need to collect data on your training process. It can be also that you are traveling and just want to see what kind of a route you make in a day.

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The app automatically starts working after your phone is reloaded. If it accidentally crashes, it will recover on its own.

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While creating a route, you can take pictures and attach them to it. Mark different spots and add a detailed description if you need.

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After your route is finished, the app will display your speed and time. Create as many tracks as you like and use them for any purposes: for training or for memorizing the road. Well, in general, actually, this app is very simple and serves the only one goal — to make a recording of your tracks. It also shows you the time and the speed which you had on your way.

What is more, you can save a number of tracks and then reopen them any time. Try to go the same distance again but with the higher speed and see which time you will get. You can also export all the tracks you have. In our time logistics is an important part of each business. Finding the optimal ways to deliver in the shortest period of time and with the least consumption of resources is vital.

To achieve this goal you will need statistical data on all the tracks to optimize them. This Smart GPS tracker is an effective solution. Using this you can improve the customer service of your company, track your deliveries, watching how much time each road takes. Thus you will be able to maximize performance by vehicles and people providing them with more productive ways to go. The app also includes the function of the group support and event system.

Eventually, you have a possibility to track your own ways for different reasons. So, in general, this tracker is beneficial for those who own a logistic company or works there. Are you familiar with the situation when you are organizing a meeting in a crowded place? It is a GPS tracker and it gives you a chance to detect the location of people of your choice or let them detect your own location. As soon as you have visited a new place, you can share your feedback about it in the app.

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Or, if you are working for a delivery service, you have a chance to post a report immediately. In this case, you are also able to create group chats and discuss whatever is related to your topic. Thus, your schedule will always be on with you. The tracker will display how far the destination is, at which speed and when you will reach it, will track your way and tell you the most optimal road to your aim. Make your logistics easier — just use X-GPS tracker. We all know that the safety of our kids is a priority. Well, a family GPS tracker is a great solution which will save tons of nerves for everyone.

Just install this tracker to your phone, the phone of your kids and your spouse. Then you will be sharing the same map and each of you will be displayed there. Thus, it will be the end of eternal questioning what did take a family member so long to come home and where they are spending their time. All the history of motion and relocation is recorder and saved within 2 weeks so you are always free to stay abreast of where your kid was. You can check, for example, at which hour your kid arrived at school and left it.

Besides, your family can create a mutual chat within the app. Another useful kids tracker app, but this time for iOS. To prevent you and, what is more important, your child from stress just get an app which allows to track your kids whenever they are. Here you can always monitor what your child was doing during the day. What is more, you can set up notifications from the app on when does your child arrives and leaves school. If you are a working parent in a big city you know how difficult sometimes it may be — to keep the statistics about your child always updated.

Apart from that, here you even got a chance to control what your kid is currently doing. Control how your child is doing the homework. If a kid gets distracted, the app will send you a notification. It is extremely useful in terms that it may help to prevent various digital addiction on an early stage. For those who like minimalistic approach and like keeping things simple here we have another GPS tracker.

A free application with many features

It strictly serves its function only — to track the objects. The minimal set of configurations will make your life easier because of spending less time on understanding how the app works. What is more, the app switches automatically between GPS and the estimated location. There is one more function — motion tracking. It helps you to save the battery charge by identifying when the phone is not moving and stopping working then.

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When you are in motion again, the app works. Make sure your family is safe and sound with this app which helps you to identify where currently your beloved are. With a cool interface and a number of convenient options, this app is easy and pleasant to use. Get this app altogether and you will always know where everyone is, especially if you got a big family.

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It allows you to set restricted areas and get notifications when they cross the line. The information keeps updating so you can always know where the target is by just visiting your account. The approach is, however, different from what you just read about Android.

First, there is no installation required here. You only need the iCloud credentials of the targeted device and make sure the two-step verification is disabled. Everything is set up on the account. The panel will rely on the iCloud data back up to get you all the details.

Cocospy also uses the Wi-Fi connection on the device to tell the precise location. Generally, you will get the same GPS results like in Android. The only difference here is the path you take to get started. You can view how it works here first before proceeding. If you want to introduce restricted zones and get alerts when they visit them, you can do so via Geofencing. First, you need to access the device you want to track physically. This is, however, a onetime thing. You need to enable third-party apps installation.

You can learn more about that by clicking here. The device needs to have Android version 4. A reliable internet connection.

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  8. A working email. Go to Cocospy website and register for free to get an account. Fill in your email and a password to continue. The iCloud credentials of the Apple device you want to monitor Make sure that the two-step verification is disabled in the device A valid email address Reliable internet connection Make sure that the iOS version is 7.

    It shows you the exact location using either GPS data or the Wi-Fi connection used on the target device. You can also set restricted zones and get alerts when the areas are visited. In Android, the installation takes less than 5 minutes with a stable internet connection. In iOS, no installation is required.