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On the other hand, I love the Pixels speed and software, but have not been happy with a Google phone since the Nexus 5 which I still have and still runs fast and smooth. I think for a first run at Android One, LG is playing this pretty smart. Even with the Qualcomm chipset, it should be blazing fast with minimal battery drain.

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Frankly, I'm tired of all the valueless gimmicks that we're seeing on high end cell phones today. I love Samsung hardware, I will no longer buy their devices with the useless curved and hard to protect screen. Most of the idiot pundits on these websites keep touting "build quality". This is insanity. Any phone is obsolete in 6 months so why should the frame be machined from aluminum with a ridiculous glass back? All it does is make the phone heavier, costlier, and please the Apple loving fan boys that write a lot of reviews.

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Besides, we all use cases with our cherished little mobile devices anyway. So what if the back of the phone is cheap plastic? I despise the little trays that are used that require a small needle like device to remove. I absolutely love phones with replaceable batteries. They made so much sense but again, the Apple loving fanboy writers have convinced everyone that sealed batteries are the only way. Now no one offers them. Fast charging and all day life cannot beat a replaceable battery. There are always times when travelling when you just don't have even a few minutes to plug in.

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It's especially great when you are navigating with Google maps which drains batteries fast. How about a light, large plastic device with a big, bright display with latest hardware running pure Google made by LG or Samsung but without that stupid curved screen? It needs to be able to be charged while video is being playing over HDMI. I would also like to be able to size the display resolution to work well on large screens so I can use my phone with a keyboard like a desktop. I simply will not buy the Samsung Note 9 with all it's bloatware and sealed battery.

Im not sure if this phone is worth half that with its outdated specs and cut corners. Over US dollars puts this phone in OnePlus territory when it really needs to be more in Poco territory. If LG prices this at It has no stand out features. Plus the competion in that price range is very crowded. I would even give the Nokia7plus a look see.

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LG is definitely like Lenovo their flooring the market to see what sticks. One of the focal points of LG phones are the wide angle camera. Pricing this over You can't get rid of it's best feature and then use last year's processer. Portrait Mode lets you effectively blur out the background of a subject, the 2X zoom telephoto lens is handy for close-ups, and Night Sight mode lights up the darkest scenes—you can even use it to capture starry skies.

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It packs great performance with a smooth Hz screen, just like the OnePlus 7 Pro. You can also use Face Unlock as authentication, which works similarly to Apple's Face ID, and Google also added a slew of sensors that let you wave your hand to trigger certain functions, like switching tracks or snoozing alarms. That's without mentioning all the software smarts that put it a rung above the rest. For example, Call Screen will monitor robocalls for you so you don't have to answer them, and Now Playing uses on-device machine learning to show you songs playing in your surroundings, so you don't need to try and look it up.

We're still waiting for the feature that doesn't allow people to hold your phone to your face and unlock it if your eyes are closed. But the Pixel 4's biggest downside is battery life, which can barely last a full day if you're a heavy user.

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If you're going to buy one, opt for the bigger Pixel 4 XL since it has a beefier battery. It's snappy and runs apps smoothly even the camera app with no noticeable lag, which is a change, even from last year's Moto G6. The camera is also very good for the price and won't let you down under most circumstances—though it will still have some trouble capturing the best shots in extreme lighting environments, like at a concert. In this year's phone, Moto included a nicer display and a lovely glass back that you'll want to promptly protect with a durable case , like most phones. The Moto G7 Power has less memory and a lower-resolution display than the standard Moto G7, but it's still not bad if your needs are basic.

It also comes with a killer feature: a 5, mAh battery. This is a phone that can last two to four days on a single charge. To fit all that battery, it's a little thicker than phones you see these days 9. Learn about all three G7 models.

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The problem with Motorola phones, like the ones mentioned above, is that Motorola offers very limited software support—usually, you get one Android version upgrade, and then your phone is left to languish. HMD, the maker of Nokia phones, is different. Most of its phones are part of the Android One program, meaning the company makes a commitment not only to have no bloatware on the phone but also to deliver two years of Android version and security updates. The Nokia 7. You also get a great 6. The triple-camera experience is solid, too, though it can't match the Pixel 3A's quality. The downsides are that the back is made of glass, so a case is a good idea, and it's only slightly water-resistant, so be careful around the toilet!

LG's G8 ThinQ isn't the flashiest phone, but it gets the job done. It has the same processor as the one inside Samsung's Galaxy S10, so you get great performance, the 6. You also get about a workday's worth of battery life, and support for wireless charging makes it easy to top up the phone during the day. But LG phones are best for audiophiles because they still sport headphone jacks with a bit Quad DAC digital-to-analog converter , as well as support for hi-res playback for high-quality music streaming if you've transitioned to Bluetooth headphones.

It's one of the slipperiest phones we've used, though, so you should definitely buy a case.

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LG's software interface is also a little clunky, it has a lot of bloatware useless apps , and the company is often slow at pushing out Android updates. Keep all of that in mind when making your decision. You can also ignore the gimmicky Air Motion feature that lets you use hand gestures to control specific functions, because it's not very good.

Expect to see a new LG phone at MWC, but you should never buy an LG phone on launch day because the company often cuts the price substantially a month or so later. It also means the G8 can be had for ultra-cheap soon. It's bigger than big. If that's your thing, you'll also like the included S Pen's new Bluetooth functionality, which lets you use it to do things like open apps and remotely snap pics.

This beefy, brawny phone can handle your most demanding tasks with all the latest specs. I recommend picking up a Galaxy S10 instead or wait for the upcoming S20 , unless the S Pen is on your mind. The Note 10 has no audio jack, which might be another reason to stick with the S There are a lot of Android phones out there, and most of them are not on this list.

Here are a few good standouts to also consider. The Sony Xperia 5 is perfect for people who binge-watch movies on their phone because its aspect ratio is ideal for cinema. But it is pricey, and its triple-camera system falls short of competitors. There's no wireless charging, either. You can check out our Xperia 1 review for more details. The Xperia 1 is almost exactly the same as the 5, just bigger and more expensive. Take a look at the Nokia 6. There are many phones I've previously recommended that are right on the edge. They're either getting old two-plus years or getting too weak.

We worry they won't have software support beyond this year or may feel too sluggish after the next Android update. You can take the risk to get the savings if you like. We just think you're better off with the devices listed here or in our Best Cheap Phones guide. You should probably pass on newer devices we've cut from this list, too. When you buy something using the links in our stories, we may earn a small affiliate commission. Here's how it works. Works on all four major networks.