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During my week of use, I consistently had percent charge left over at the end of the day despite long calls, extensive social media use as well music streaming.

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The 6. It looks absolutely fantastic and makes watching multimedia content a pleasurable experience. The screen is vibrant to the point of appearing ever so slightly oversaturated. There are options within the settings menu to tweak this to your taste. Viewing angles on the Galaxy A50 are great and the phone works outdoors comfortably. The screen brightness more than compensates for direct sunlight. The phone comes with an option to toggle on the always-on display mode for notifications which is great since there is no dedicated notification LED here. Built on a 10nm fabrication process, the chipset uses an octa-core big.

The four Cortex A73 cores clocked at 2. Both variants have 64GB of storage which is definitely a bit odd. The phone lasts a full of day with moderate use and has enough charge left over to last half of the next day too. Even with heavy gaming use, the phone sips power and you should be able to get a full day of use easily.

In our testing with a mixed-use case of gaming, social media use and music streaming, the phone consistently managed over six hours of screen on time. The phone supports watt fast charging. Network performance was exemplary on the Galaxy A50 and the phone managed to hold a signal even in a low network environment. Calls sounded loud and clear at both ends. The Exynos ensures that day-to-day usability is top notch on the Galaxy A Samsung did an amazing job optimizing the software for the hardware and using the phone feels great.

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The most obvious test was to put it through the most popular smartphone game around. I noticed no slowdowns, the draw distance was great. The phone got just moderately warm even with extended gaming. Not just that, the phone has a One UI-based interface which is almost exactly the same as what you get on the Galaxy S10 as well.

Samsung Galaxy A50

The software is straightforward and easy to use, with oodles of options to tweak it to your preference. Should you choose to, there is an option to wake Bixby using the power button. The My Galaxy app pushes quite a few notifications daily. Apps like Daily Hunt and the Microsoft app suite cannot be uninstalled. Samsung has since issued updates that brought the phone to the December security build. Other features include improved stability, the ability to take scrolling screenshots. Finally, the phone is expected to get the Android 10 update in April Samsung stepped up its game as far as cameras are concerned.

The camera arrangement on the Galaxy A50 uses a combination of a 25MP primary camera combined with an 8MP wide-angle lens as well as a 5MP depth sensor. The front facing camera also has a 25MP sensor. The cameras on the Samsung Galaxy A50 are quite good for social media junkies. As long as there is good light out, the cameras can capture some great-looking shots.

The primary camera has a tendency to overexpose, because of which the scene can appear brighter than it is. A quick toggle switch lets you move to the wide-angle lens. You can notice the difference in exposure between the two shots. You definitely do not want to be pixel-peeping with the photos on the Galaxy A In a bid to reduce noise, Samsung has very aggressive algorithms going on that completely destroy low-level details and give images an almost watercolor-like effect. Like most mid-range phones, low-light image quality is where things take a serious hit.

Both in the standard and wide-angle modes, images have an incredible amount of noise and look very soft. The 25MP front-facing camera produces images that look good on screen but are once again short on low-level details. With consecutive software updates, Samsung has consistently improved imaging performance on the A50 and it still holds up well against the competition. Follow through here to view full resolution Samsung Galaxy A50 image samples.

Actual battery life depends on factors such as network, features selected, frequency of calls, and voice, data, and other application - usage patterns. Results may vary. Device Specifications. Doubling our 4G LTE bandwidth in cities coast to coast. Works in over countries depending on your plan. Compare devices. What's in the box.

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Rating 3. Rating 4. Write a review. Highest to Lowest Rating. Not sure why so many negative reviews, but my A50 works excellent.

Don't care about 4K video? Galaxy A50's camera is superior

Great screen, nice and crisp, fast processor, and all the apps I use work great. Some are complaining about the GPS, but mine works fine. Samsung either fixed the issue or the other reviewers haven't synced their phone properly. Ther read more. Yes, I'd recommend this product. Was this review helpful? Yes No I have had Apple phones and my husband and I are changing our ways slowly.

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This phone is way different than what I'm use to but it is Large enough I can at least see and use the key pad easily. I got this phone because I needed a new one and done want to spend a ton. I had a Galaxy S7. This phone seems to be a side step instead of a step forward. The camera is nice and the battery is amazing! When I first got the phone, I could go three days before recharging. Six months later and the batt read more. This is an amazing phone, great camera, and storage capacity. I am amazed at the quality of my games compared to my old phone. When I go the phone, there were no reviews on this phone so I was a little cautious, but it was worth buying.

Better-than-expected performance with superb battery life

I was gonna get the s9 but I heard this phone was better. My ol read more. I've always had apple, so I decided to switch it up a bit. So happy with this phone! I recently purchased the Samsung Galaxy A50, and I am very pleased with the phone. It has most of the features of a higher end phone, but competes in the mid-priced niche. That's exactly what I was looking for; a great phone at a cheap price. I also looked at the Google Pixel 3 and the Moto G7.

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  6. I fo read more. The display is awesome and so is the camera but bluetooth continues to disconnect randomly and connecting devices again is a pain. Devices do not uppair, they just just disconnect. So frustrating. Absolutely love this phone! Just purchased one. I highly recommend this phone! Same great features and does all that the other high tech Samsung phones do. Perfect phone if your not looking to spend a lot of money.

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    Comparable to the expensive and popular phones. I would highly suggest this phone. The battery life is also great!!! Frequently asked questions Ask a question. Newest Questions. Answer this question. This phone is user-friendly. We do also offer classes for assistance with using smartphones.