Phone location application Huawei Mate 20

Step 4 of 8 Press the indicator next to "Access my location" to activate or deactivate the function. Step 5 of 8 Press Google Location Accuracy. Step 6 of 8 Press the indicator next to "Improve Location Accuracy" to activate the function. Step 7 of 8 Press the indicator next to "Improve Location Accuracy" to deactivate the function. Step 8 of 8 Press the home icon to end the session and return to the Home screen.

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Find "Location access". Activate or deactivate GPS. Select positioning method. Return to the Home screen. Was this helpful?

Turn GPS on or off

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This cull made it harder for smaller manufacturers to build their own versions of Android without having to factor in additional basics.

Top 3 Screen Mirroring Apps for Huawei Mate 20

On the surface, yes. But, in reality, no.

8 Best Apps for Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Because part two of our brief history of Android is developer entrapment. Google understands devs. Google has created tantalising APIs to make writing Android apps easier. Mobile payments, Text to Speech support, Cloud Storage tie-ins, location services, the list goes on.

Best Huawei Mate 20 Pro tips and tricks: The ultimate EMUI 9.0 masterclass

The kicker, though, is that Google introduced the most useful and appealing of these features into its ring-fenced version of Android, not the open source AOSP. What does all this mean for Huawei? Not having the Google Play Store is a big deal, so getting apps on board will require a different process, but this is the very visible tip of the iceberg. Next, you can install a third-party app store like APK Pure or the Aurora Store to manage your updates and find new apps — job done.

With recent additions including Tinder, early signs are encouraging.


Sideloading Google services, I was getting instant alerts again. Onto gaming and Google Play Games is used for cloud saves. Missing GMS could even wreck your love life, with gay dating app Grindr dependent upon it as well. So is this all one big evil power play by Google? The result was a browser choice window.