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The issue was raised by one of the users wanting an increased brightness of the icon. You can simply turn off the fingerprint icon from the fingerprint settings menu that will eventually disable the icon showing up every time the phone senses a movement. After this, the icon will show up only when you touch the designated fingerprint area on the lock screen. YouTube Vanced is a modded app of YouTube which allows the users to play the videos along with the audio while minimizing the app.

YouTube Vanced has compensated with YouTube Music app for such a feature to be used but the app being a paid one forces the users to use the unmodded ones. Some users are facing a problem with the YouTube Vanced app not displaying the video in a Picture-in-Picture form but the audio is working. The issue is mainly due to changes in gesture settings in the MIUI To watch a video, the user has to lock and unlock the screen. Another user on the same thread said that the same issue is being faced in the Google Maps also.

The gesture feature in the MIUI 11 seems to be the problem. If you use Custom Quick Settings with some other launcher e.

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Poco launcher and add a control that instead of swiping your way to the home screen with a gesture, you press the home button i. It can be interpreted that MIUI updates are the ones provided by Xiaomi to enhance the user experience, regardless of the Android version upgrade. That said, the K20 should be receiving the Android 10 update in some time.

Many users of this thread have raised issues regarding the MIUI 11 update. Most of the issues have been covered above, the last one is about the dark mode. The MIUI 11 update was said to have minor updates with the Android Pie and may have a major set of features with the Android Q including the trending global dark mode. Other raising issues might get resolved in the coming stable updates. People have started questioning if their MIUI 11 updated phones will continue to be working on Android 9 or will they get the Android 10 update.

The company on its twitter handle has posted a Rollout time table on when the particular devices will get the MIUI Xiaomi has already rolled out MIUI 11 to many smartphones and keeping in mind the several devices that have received the update, we can assume that not all features are tweaked specifically for a certain phone. This issue first appeared specific to many Pocophone F1 users but later shifted to other Xiaomi device owners as well.

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The Poco F1 came running its own theme with a stock Android-like status bar out of the box and the same theme was later available for other Xiaomi phones. For PiP mode to work right now, users have different solutions. The game was playable, but it dropped frames often enough to not be a very enjoyable experience.

Not so with the Redmi 7. There are plenty of features here to please users who might want to customize the interface of their phone. You can switch between buttons and gestures for navigation and turn off the notch depending on your preference. There are ads on the lock screen, ads whenever you install an app on your phone, and ads in the notification shade. The experience leaves you annoyed. It is really interesting to see how high-quality imaging and multiple camera sensors have percolated down to entry-level smartphones. The Redmi 7 is a testament to that.

The phone sports a combination of a 12MP primary camera paired with a 2MP depth sensor. The end results are rather impressive. Images shot outdoors in good light were better than I expected from an entry level device. With the smart AI feature turned off, images were natural looking, and retained details in the shadow region. However, if that is the look that you prefer, toggling the AI feature gives a very definite saturation boost to images. Of course, this is still a budget phone and close examination of shots reveals a lack of details.

The phone does a good job at capturing portrait mode shots as well. Edge detection is rather good and the bokeh fall-off is fairly natural. Low light or indoor shots can be a mixed bag. On one hand, with adequate ambient light, it is possible to get a good shot. But the phone tends to reduce the shutter speed, which makes it harder to get a sharp image.

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This is also not the phone to shoot with in extreme low light. This is likely because of the slow chipset. The phone requires you to be patient with it. Even when viewing images, there is a noticeable lag between tapping open an image and the high resolution render loading up. The gallery displays a lower resolution preview in the meanwhile.

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Click through to view full resolution Redmi 7 camera samples. The device is available via Mi.

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The phone delivers good performance and a well-optimized usage experience, and it looks smashing while at it. The annoying presence of ads in the interface is one of the few issues I faced with the phone. And while I would be a bit cautious because of the panel gaps and course edges, I suspect this is more a product of early production-related issues, rather than an effort to reduce costs at the expense of quality.

Between the fantastic color scheme and the hardware, the phone is going to appeal to a lot of users.

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The Realme 3i and Realme 3 , both, came across as solid competitors at launch, and the company has since launched updated models that bright a deeper focus on design and performance. The Realme 5 is shaping up to be the device to beat in sub Rs.

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What do you think about the phone? Is this the phone you would opt for or would you spend a bit more for a higher-end device? Let us know in the comments section. India Reviews. See price at Amazon. About our Redmi 7 review I used the Redmi 7 as my primary phone over the course of a week while working on the review.

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