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Internal Device Memory. Main camera max MP. Charge Rate. Handset Warranty. Official charge rate. Talk time mins. Standby time hrs. Removable battery. Battery Capacity. Width mm. Height mm. Depth mm. Weight g. Ambient light sensor. Digital compass. Fingerprint sensor. Proximity sensor. Multimedia messages. Text messages. Main Screen.

Size inches. Touch screen.

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Sound formats. MP3 MP3 Ringtunes. Video formats. Image formats. Document formats application required. Thanks a lot. Cheryl Hawkins cheryl. I had the same problem w my Alcatel one touch.. I even bought a new battery and a new charger for the phone.. I unscrewed all the tiny screws, made sure the positive and negative wires were connected and then when all else failed I took my tiny screw driver and bent the port forward..

It started charging! Hope this helps!! Better than waiting two and a half months for a shop to repair it and who's to say they wouldn't of done the very same thing.. I even bought a new battery and a new charger and nothing..

Alcatel 1 Android Oreo Go smartphone available at Bell, Koodo, Telus, Lucky Mobile and Virgin

So I took my tiny screw driver making sure not to damage the tiny prongs and bent the port forward, put the battery back in plugged it in and low and behold it started charging.. Hope this helps.. I was hesitant to take the phone apart but this worked for me and was very easy to do and it's better than waiting several months for a repair shop to probably do the same thing and charge you out the butt for it!

Hope this helps. I also uninstalled instant messenger and factory reset the phone.. Liyah Lee. Which I figured out which was wong with mine. If you take the battery out and there are like these 4 gold like wires that goes into the top battery, make sure none are bent if so push them down to make all of them even or which ever one is not even with the others, then put the battery in and hopefully it should work.

That's how my experince was, if not I'm sorry I couldn't help more. Phil wetphil The idea is, after repeated use the weaker component will fail first. In many cases the weaker componant is unfortunately not a cheap cable that nobody would mind replacing. One is with the ribbon feed wires from the battery to board. Without warning the phone may simply power off and fail start. If left for a while it may fully start and last a few hours, or it may power off just half way through the first boot.

Typically, if it doesn't last through the boot-up this time then it won't make it much further than the first vibrate next time round. Inspect the connections and manipulate the connection rods very slightly in such a way to create a more rigid hold once the plug is returned. A drop of an epoxy, or non-conductive super glue on top of the fixing should prevent this repeating.

James Cranston jcranston. Check the outer two pins on your charger cord. If one of the two is making contact without the other, the phone will show that it is charging, but will not actually charge. Review those. You marked answers that are answers even so they are not good answers. If you do not think those are good answers, you can downvote them.

Do not mark them as a "not an answer" Moderating is not about expressing ones own opinion by deleting what we do not like. I will often mark answers like these as "remove as not an answer" because this information is covered in multiple, better answers. Either that or I'm lazy at mass-moderation, or I'm just trying to clean up an old question. This was a lazy case. Sorry I haven't been very active last few days, I've been busy.

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If you feel they are redundant, move them as comments and groups those together. Abby G. I just bought an alcatel pixi 4 today. When I came home, phone indicated a need for update. So i updated it. Then I tried to charge it but after 10secs it stopped charging. I turned it off.

Remove the batt. Put it back. Turned it on. Tried to charge it again.

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And boom! It's charging now. Goatotis heygoatotis. Had the exact same thing, would just boot to a black screen with brightness around the edges looking like it was trying to start something but stalled. Turn the phone completely off, remove the battery, the phone chip and memory card, both should be under the battery and put only the back covering on. Place the charger into the slot and after 30 seconds or so, you'll see a robot with a progress bar above it telling you it's updating, let it complete.

Then it will restart and update Android applications, let that finish, at the end it should boot into a simple interface, power it off. Put your chip, memory card and battery back in, and everything should be the way you had it, all configurations were the way I had left it before the update that I was constantly avoiding.

Gowtham Kumar. Yes my phone will not work every time I put it on charge like I usally do it wouldn't charge and than I sat there for a minute and cause I usually play on it whill it was on charge and then i thought I broke my phone because I was playing on it because of course it is so boring at my house so I got bored and every day it hot worse and worse 1 it wouldn't charge it would just count 9 2 1 0 and then dead slap dead and then here I am walla pleas help me.

Jason donoven. To most people the terms tracking and tracing are considered to be the same. This is not true. Tracing, is to find.

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Tracking, is to follow. There are websites out there claiming to be able to find lost devices, asking you for a payment to trace a device by it's telephone or IMEI number. Please beware,. Open your device's Settings app. Tap Find My Device. Turn on Remotely locate this device and Allow remote lock and erase. How do you trace a cell phone We've all seen it in movies..

But is it real?

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