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InsTrack is perfectly suited for small businesses, influencers, celebrities, solopreneurs, marketers and serious Instagrammers.

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If you have any questions please feel free to email us at support innovatty. I like the information shown in this app.

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I use it to track growth for multiple accounts I manage on Instagram. Not user friendly. Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. Screenshots iPhone iPad.

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Description InsTrack is the most popular app for Instagram analytics and community management. Dec 31, Version 3. Ratings and Reviews See All. It's a touch brighter and the white balance has given more realistic color tones to the building on the left, which looks a little blue in the iPhone's shot. Things change when I zoom in, however. The S20 Ultra applied a lot of image sharpening, which gives the details a crunchy look, a little like the effect you get from ramping up the "clarity" slider in Lightroom.

For quick snaps on your holiday you may prefer the crisp appearance of the S20 Ultra, but this can look overprocessed. Both phones offer a 2x zoom mode. While I prefer the look of the brighter shot from the S20 Ultra, the iPhone 11 Pro's quality when viewed up close was superior.

Let's zoom in further At 5x zoom, the S20 Ultra's image is suddenly much more crisp and packed with detail. What is likely happening here is that in 5x mode, the camera uses an optical zoom lens, but keeps the full quality of the image sensor. At 2x it just digitally crops into the standard view, therefore reducing the quality.

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If you want to maximize the quality of your zooming, 5x is the way to go. Samsung hasn't confirmed to me yet whether this is what's going on, but it certainly seems to be the case, judging by the images. A tap of the zoom button displayed as a button with a single leaf brings up your options, but also automatically switches to the 5x zoom mode which it indicates with on-screen text. For some reason 5x zoom isn't one of the available zoom modes, which include 0. I've also asked Samsung to clarify whether 5x uses the full resolution or whether it crops in.

Needless to say, it's slightly confusing. The zoom is where the S20 really takes the lead over the iPhone. Not only does it produce a lovely crisp shot at 5x easily beating the iPhone's 2x telephoto zoom , it can take it even further At 10x there's still a decent amount of detail. Perhaps not even to warrant printing out on a big piece of photo paper, but certainly enough to post to Instagram or Facebook.

And at x zoom, the image looks more like a watercolor painting than a photograph.

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You certainly won't win any photography awards from shots taken at this zoom unless you happen to use it to prove the existence of the yeti , but it's not a complete wash. To my mind, the real purpose of this amount of zoom is for reference -- whether you're zooming in on a bird in a tree to identify it or just peeking at details on things you can't get close to.

It's best to view the x zoom as more of a telescope than a camera.

I used the x zoom here, for example, to close in on what looked, from a distance, like an otter. The zoom allowed me to find out it was actually a bronze statue of an otter, artistically placed in the river. Both phones have done well in balancing the bright sky and shadowy building detail. I give the edge to the S20 Plus for its additional contrast, which gives this scene a little extra punch, despite some of the same oversharpening issues we've seen when you zoom in close.

There's almost nothing to differentiate these two shots of some shoes on a doorstep.

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Both images are perfectly exposed. There's tons of detail and the colors look great. The iPhone's white balance is a touch warmer than the Ultra's, but whether that's good or not will come down to your personal preference. In this alleyway shot, I prefer the iPhone 11 Pro's image.

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The auto HDR brought out more detail in the shadowy areas and I prefer the overall color. Dean Bridge, shot using the ultrawide-angle mode on both phones, looks great in both pictures. In this instance, the iPhone has the edge as it managed to capture more detail in the sky and delivered a brighter image overall. Both phones did a great job with this shot of the old entrance to Edinburgh's Stockbridge market. The S20 Ultra bumped up the saturation a bit and added more sharpening, which gives the shot a punchier look overall.

The iPhone's has a slightly more natural look. Personally, I prefer the iPhone's take. There's no question that the S20 Ultra achieved a more vibrant, punchy shot in these taken on Victoria Street. The colors on the orange building in the center of the frame are much more vivid. It'll still come down to personal choice, however, as to which one is "better. It's the same story here with this shot on Calton Hill.

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The S20 Ultra's shot upped the contrast, which I think looks great on the rocks in the foreground and helps make the green grass in the background pop more. Again, richer colors from the S20 Ultra and the extra sharpening worked in its favor this time by making the foam on top of this flat white look a bit crispier. In this instance, the S20 Ultra's "boosts" have gone too far, resulting in a super saturated sky.

There's also some odd purple toning in the clouds, which look pure white on the iPhone's shot. Different scene, same story. The S20 Ultra ups the contrast and the saturation for a more punchy image straight out of the camera. Both are good images and the S20 is better for sharing to social channels immediately.

But the iPhone's flatter look is better for more creative tweaking in post. I love these shots overlooking the city, which were only possible to capture thanks to the S20 Ultra's 5x zoom. The exposure and the colors look great and there's tons of detail in the images.