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How to Stop the Xiaomi Redmi 5 from Collecting and Sending Data | Android Explained

That's all. Now that the app has been downloaded and installed and the device properly configured everything should be running nice.

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If you need additional information or further assistance please let us know. We will be happy to help you. AndroidMonitor is a cell phone tracking and monitoring application exclusively for Android cell phones and tablets.

How to Stop the Xiaomi Redmi 5 from Collecting and Sending Data

So i'm at work in the UK. The guy who manages our network just came over and asked me why there was a xiaomi phone on the companies wifi network sending IMEI number and packets of encrypted data to chinese servers??! I sold a girl at work a mi4i which i bought form the official singapore xiaomi store when i was out there. This is the cause.

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So are xiaomi spying? And how do you to stop it Aug 24, 1, Sere83 said:. You can opt in sending user experience and diagnostic information. I think it can be the cause.

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They are on by default if you don't disable them during installation. Settings, Advanced settings, Privacy, and scroll down for user experience program. Thanks just checked though , user experience programme already turned off though.

What device and what rom version? Screenshot of the about phone please. Pertti Kosunen Members. Sep 2, Cloud stuff sends info and backups to Xiaomi servers. You should be able to disable all those and can Sign out Mi account. You should not enable Mi message thing, it sends SMS-messages through chinese servers.

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Official Xiaomi roms have AnalyticsCore. Reactions: iamme and dogiex.

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Only if you buy phones from unknown sites Pertti Kosunen said:. Giammy said:.