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Samsung Galaxy S10+ review

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Support Support. Reviews Reviews. Most users today have large music collections that they like to carry wherever they go. The problem is, mobile data is often too expensive to download music directly to your Android device. And you might not want to pay for a music subscription or a membership. So how do you make the best of your Android smartphone expandable memory and put as much music in there as possible?

What we need to remember at this point is that we don't merely want to be able to access the music from our Android device, also we want them stored locally.

Part 1. Import music from computer to Galaxy S10

We all know that Samsung always has a good service with Smart Switch, which allow you to transfer limited contents from old phone to samsung phones. However, it only supports android 4. And for iOS devices, you need to transfer your phone data via iTunes, which seems very tedious. Now please follow this article to find out other solutions.

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It's familiar to every Android user. You can do it without any instruction.

Part 2. Transfer music from other devices to Galaxy S10 by one click

Also, you might need to search between the numerous folders you have. It's highly recommended to use Syncios Mobile Manager , a free program which can help you transfer, backup, delete all the audio files quickly. Step 1 : Get Syncios Mobile Manager installed on your computer.

Download Win Version. Step 2 : Syncios start to load your phone data. Find content list on the left side. Click on Add to choose music files from computer. After that, import the selected music to your Samsung Galaxy S For users who just switched to a new phone, it's necessary to migrate all data from old device to the new one. To finish this job, we highly recommend Syncios Data Transfer , a simple yet effective solution for transferring contents between different devices, cross-platform supported.

You are allowed to transfer multiple types of data between mobile phones, including music, video, contacts, messages, call logs, bookmarks and more.

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Step 1 : Download and install Syncios Data Transfer on your computer. Turn on USB debugging mode on Android device. Step 2 : Choose "Transfer" mode and click on Start under this mode.

Syncios will start to load data of the source device after the connection. Make sure the old device is on the left as the source device and the Galaxy S10 is on the right as the target device.

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