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What does it mean for a device to be supported? In short, it means it has passed our certification process.

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Certification is important because we want users to have a good experience with your AR application. This is primarily related to sensitive motion tracking, which is done by combining the camera image and the motion sensor input to determine how the user's device moves through the real world. To certify each device, we check the quality of the camera, motion sensors, and the design architecture to ensure it performs as expected.

Also, the device needs to have a powerful enough CPU that integrates with the hardware design to ensure good performance and effective real-time calculations. The strength of Android is in the large diversity of devices available across the world. We are constantly working with manufacturers to make sure their hardware and designs meet these requirements. At the same time, we are working internally to make sure ARCore integrates well with every model we certify to provide good experiences for users.

Samsung Galaxy A30 Review

The device is running the minimum Android version listed in table below If no version is listed, the device must be running Android 7. In addition to the ARCore supported devices list provided in the table below, you can download a detailed list of ARCore supported devices, which includes the following model-specific information:. Device model codes as returned by adb shell getprop ro. The following table summarizes supported models by manufacturer, noting any model-specific restrictions. Enjoy striking videos on the large screen.

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Feel as if you're in a movie theater with the realistic audio experience. When earphones are in use. Battery life depends on how and under what conditions your phone is being used. Smooth videos and gaming without lag.

Plenty of storage space to store precious memories. Do not immerse the unit in ocean, pool, or hot spring water. Do not place the unit on sand, etc. Do not expose to water other than room temperature water. Do not use when directly exposed to heavy rain. High-performance cameras take beautiful photos without you having to choose a scene.

Photos taken are just as the subject is seen through the wide angle lens. Ultra-wide angle photography. Ultra-wide angle photography Approx. Wide angle photography Approx.

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Main camera only. Beautiful photos without the need to choose a scene.

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Scene Optimizer feature. Even selfies are a breeze and you get clear, bright photos. Sub camera only. EZweb service and EZ apps are not available.

Standard Galaxy model with large OLED display and high-capacity battery

When you switch from the current mobile phone contracted under the EZ WIN Course to a new one, note that your subscription to EZweb service, EZweb site, e-mail newsletters, and Machi-Uta is not automatically terminated or canceled. To cancel or unsubscribe from these services, please follow the necessary procedures.

Some smartphone applications may perform data communications even when the user does not operate the device. Subscription to a fixed rate packet data communication service is recommended.

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Some apps installed from the Internet may pose a security risk, just like with personal computers. For example, smartphone operations could become unstable due to attacks by malicious hackers, or the device could be taken over and used in illicit activities.

Part 1: Use Samsung Find My Phone to Track the Lost Phone

Accordingly, make sure that the provider of the app is reliable and thoroughly check the operating conditions before use. Please note that apps installed by yourself and any malfunctions arising from them are not covered by the warranty. KDDI is not responsible for any trouble resulting from the installation of apps. Please note that the specifications and other details are subject to change without prior notice.

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