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Also, it supports an unusual aspect ratio of , as against the more traditional The phone measures 7. In terms of core hardware, the Mi A2 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. It runs a stock version of Android 8. The Mi A2 is further backed by a 3,mAh battery. The main highlight of the Mi A2, according to Xiaomi, is its camera setup. The Mi A2 dual camera setup ships with lots and lots of AI and is therefore capable of churning out machine learning algorithms to produce good quality portraits or photos with shallow of depth of field.

The Mi A2 can also intelligently switch between primary and secondary sensor depending on the available light, according to Xiaomi. The dual camera setup is further assisted by a dual-LED dual-tone flash.

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The Xiaomi Mi A2 broadly has two key positive highlights. You can say that these are the things that can make you want to buy it. The Mi A2 is a very powerful phone for its price and stock Android adds another dimension to it, and it has killer cameras. You can read more about both these features here.

For now, it's safe to say, the Xiaomi Mi A2 excels in both these departments meaning if you're buying it solely on the basis of performance and cameras, you won't be left disappointed. The Mi A2 essentially combines all the things I liked about the Redmi Note 5 Pro and the Mi A1, and presents it in a package that's prettier to look and more premium to hold.

If you're someone who is nit-picky about build materials, the Mi A2 is the most affordable phone to ship with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection on the front, which means technically it should hold its ground if you happen to drop it screen facing down. My review unit has been able to survive a couple of odd eerie drops so I'll say I can bet my money on it. And there are some extras. The first Amazfit smart watch with a capacitive touch screen, convenient sporty design and many useful features such as heart rate sensor, built-in GPS, info push and pedometer.

A fine-looking smartwatch for the fashion-conscious fitness enthusiast, the Amazfit Verge is the perfect combination of style and technology.

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Connect to a world of content and entertainment at home with Mi Box S. Running on the latest Android TV 8. Introducing the new Mi smart scale 2. Second generation. Revolutionary features with all new design. The Mi Headphone Comfort features a clean and minimalistic design made out of a polycarbonate shell and comes in three colour options. Mi Bluetooth sport earbuds feature lightweight and comfortable to meet sports addicts needs, with sweat-proof and waterproof design, and 7 hours long music and talking time, it is suitable for most of the sports.

Square Box Bluetooth Speaker Generation 2 designed for lovers of portable music lightweight and compact speaker fits perfectly into the active life of a modern person. Professional quality made for you! YI 4K Action Camera reaches new heights. Xiaomi 4K Mijia Action camera is equipped with 2.

Xiaomi Redmi 8 Smartphone Review: Xiaomi's budget phone sets new standards

Cam is more stable with six-axis EIS for shooting. It is perfect for outdoor action, home shoot, water sports etc.

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Pull out this incredibly lightweight, comfortable sleep mask anywhere in a bed, on a flight, on a long car ride, and enjoy uninterrupted, deep sleep. Vacuum cleaner is good, the quality and performance is very good, looks solid. I was very pleased with the pur Bought two cameras and I am very much happy with the performance and functioning of the cameras as they really Excellent build quality Crystal clear sound, and great bass, i love its cinematic sound Overall Mi In-Ear Earphones Basic. Yi Action Camera. Mi Car Dash Camera. Mi WiFi Router 3. Mi WiFi Amplifier 2.

Mi Tripod Selfie Stick. Mi Multi Port Adapter 65W. The first time i have purc Reviewed by Hamza Naqvi. Went to their office in Is Reviewed by Khalid Mehmood. Reviewed by Kamran. Best in this price. Does w Reviewed by Muhammad Qasim. Reviewed by Muhammad Faisal Adv. However, the software may need tweaking to bring out the best here. We also lost some photos when the camera app crashed after taking some megapixel images and night mode shots, both of which require longer processing time which is where the app fell over.

A recent update to the camera has improved the situation, and added a new Moon Mode. This is specifically made to take photos of the moon, and is activated through the standard photo mode using artificial intelligence. The first batch of photos we took using it — with a tripod — were not very impressive, although again, we expect software tweaks over time to increase its ability. Xiaomi claims the Mi 9 has the fastest wireless charging yet seen in a smartphone.

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The claim was an hour and 40 minutes to full on the special wireless charging puck, but this is conservative, and it rockets to full in about 90 minutes. Very impressive for wireless charging. Ignore the fast wireless charging and plug in the cable alone, and things get even faster — expect a fully charged battery in just 65 minutes, based on our tests.

Even on heavy days, we have not fallen below percent after 15 hours of use. A 1,p YouTube video played at maximum brightness for 10 hours 15 minutes before the battery was flat. Yes, the Xiaomi Mi 9 uses Android 9. The positives include the outright speed, the attractive animations and transitions, the minimalist and well-designed icons and menus, and the intuitive gesture control system.

Software updates may fix these aspects in the future.

The most controversial aspect are the ads. Xiaomi is an ecosystem company, and in China runs its own app store along with a variety of other ways to make a profit, including serving ads on some of its pre-installed apps. This still exists on its phones sold internationally. Whether you accept that you may be occasionally shown ads will be down to personal choice.

The Xiaomi Mi 9 will be available in the U. The U.