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In an interesting move, Motorola has flipped the entire lens by 90 degrees, meaning you can shoot landscape video while holding the phone in portrait mode.

Case - Tall Motorola smartphone with a 21:9 screen

The strangest thing about using the action camera is seeing landscape video recording on your phone in such a small viewfinder window. If you can get past that, though, being able to record wide-angle video without needing to flip your phone or use two hands is kind of great. The camera maxes out at Full HD resolution at up to 60fps.

In addition, the camera is bolstered by some impressive electronic stabilization tech which keeps video nice and smooth even if your hands are a little shaky! Aside from the titular action camera, the Motorola One Action has plenty of other things going for it. Here are the other features we liked:. The bloat-free software comes with the promise of two years of guaranteed OS updates and security patches. There are always going to be some concessions when you pick up a budget phone like the Motorola One Action.

Display — The One Action has an extra-tall display with a aspect ratio. This makes it great for watching supported content mostly on Netflix , scrolling through social media, and multitasking. Unfortunately, the resulting lanky form factor makes it a little awkward to hold. Regular video also gets saddled with huge black bars which are a bit of an eyesore. The included mAh battery is supposed to last an entire day and can be charged via the USB-C port.

Users can also wirelessly cast the screen content to an external display. The smartphone with the 6.

Motorola One Action Price in India, Full Specs (22nd March ) |

Moreover, our review device also offers dual-SIM functionality, a fingerprint sensor and an FM radio. The radio only works with the In-Ear headphones, a pair of which you can find in the box. Thanks in part to the Motorola One series, the Android One ecosystem is slowly growing. A significant advantage of the Android One program is long-term software support. It will also receive security updates for three years after the launch in August The stock version of Android 9.

To launch the camera app, you just need to turn your wrist. To turn on the flashlight, you need to give the smartphone two shakes. Both of these actions work intuitively and reliably. The integrated Wi-Fi module supports the following wireless communications standards: This is a good result for a smartphone in this price range, but it is not superb.

Both the range and the signal stability are all right. However, our review device loses the connection to the Wi-Fi router from time to time. The Motorola smartphone features support for Bluetooth 5.

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It also comes with an NFC chip, which allows the mid-range smartphone to use such payment services as Google Pay. Because the One Action is compliant with the latest LTE specifications, the websites load relatively quickly when using 4G. The built-in LTE modem supports almost all the bands that are relevant for Germany. However, there is no support for LTE band 28, the use of which is going to become much more widespread in the future. In our practical GPS test, in which we use both the Motorola smartphone and the professional navigator Garmin Edge to map out the same route, the One Action does all right.

We find the quality of the microphone to be satisfactory and our call partner describes the voices on the other end as clear and intelligible.

Video calling over Skype also works well. The main rear shooter features phase-detection autofocus, 1. The 5MP depth sensor in the triple camera array is responsible for creating the bokeh effect, which works rather well in practice. The One Action takes decent pictures for a smartphone in this price range under good lighting conditions.

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  7. However, the dynamic range as well as the sharpness could have been a bit better. The color temperature is not always correct, either. In low-light conditions, the One Action produces noisy and blurry images, which is not uncommon among devices in this price range. The action camera of the Motorola smartphone, which can record degree video at p60, uses Quad Pixel technology with 2.

    Motorola One Action details

    The camera sensor has been rotated 90 degrees, which is why video shot in portrait mode appears as if it had been shot in landscape mode. Unlike with the 12MP main camera, the video stabilization of the ultra wide-angle action cam works very well— and the brightness level of the video is also okay. Unfortunately, the main camera cannot shoot video in 4K. The pictures taken with the 12 MP front-facing camera are quite good and on the same level as those taken by other mid-range smartphones.

    The front-facing camera can record video at p Choose a scene and navigate within the first image. One click changes the position on touchscreens. One click on the zoomed-in image opens the original in a new window. The first image shows the scaled photograph of the test device. There is also a bicycle mount in the box. The capacitive touchscreen can recognize up to 5 fingers at the same time. It has a smooth surface and features an oleophobic coating. The One Action is controlled through gestures, just like Pixel smartphones.

    However, the animations are not as smooth. The active fingerprint sensor on the back is not the fastest on the market, but it unlocks the smartphone very reliably. Our review device also comes with the feature known as 2D Face Unlock, which allows users to unlock the smartphone with their face. It works well but is not very fast. The One Action is another smartphone from Motorola that has a Cinema Vision display with an ultra-widescreen aspect ratio of The LCD screen of the Motorola smartphone has a native resolution of x It measures 16 cm diagonally and has a pixel density of ppi.

    If PWM was detected, an average of minimum: 5 - maximum: Hz was measured. Moreover, the contrast ratio of is solid, but not very high.

    Motorola One Action

    In our APL50 test, the contrast ratio proves to be a bit worse about , because of a decrease in luminance. However, the black value of 0. Both the mixed and primary colors 5.

    Motorola One Action review

    At Kelvin, the color temperature of the display is also too high. We can observe a bluish cast in day-to-day use. The brightness does not fall significantly when the display is viewed at an angle and the colors do not become distorted when viewed from the side.

    Device features

    Outdoors, users will have to make sure that the ambient light sensor is engaged, because otherwise the screen brightness will be too low. Moreover, the poor contrast ratio is not making things any better, either. My best guess here is Motorola barred it from taking photos because the results in testing were not very impressive. That said, Motorola has made the cunning move of rotating the wide camera sensor by 90 degrees so you capture landscape video when holding the Motorola One Action upright.

    Switching between it and the main camera for photos would feel clunky. I took Motorola One Action out for a run in the local park to see how it fares compared to the standard camera, which already has pretty solid software stabilisation. The improvement is real. This action camera feature removes most of the up-down swaying you get when shooting video when running, or even walking.

    The effect is similar to what you might get with a low-end gimbal, which actively controls the position of the camera, counteracting any minor movements you make while still letting you pan around. It lets you take images with a blurry background using the Portrait mode.

    Motorola One Action Price in India

    The phone has a habit of reporting the camera as blocked when it is not. It then refuses to engage the blur. When it does work the effect can look a little crude and unconvincing, making a worse job of cutting out the subject than Huawei rivals. Stick to actual portraits of people and you will be able to capture some good-looking results, though.

    My initial reaction to the Motorola One Action was disappointment, but mostly because I came in fresh, without too much prior research. Colour is punchy, day-lit images look vital and contrasty. They are also pretty sharp down to the pixel level. Zoomed in you can see the effect of the image processing, with a character similar to some Samsung phones.

    HDR processing is very good too. Images with a very high level of light contrast across the frame tend to look significantly better than they do in the on-screen preview. There are a few minor bad parts to consider, and they are similar to those of other affordable Motorolas.

    Motorola One Action Android 10 update now rolling out

    Sometimes you need to manually alter the exposure to get the shot you want. Auto exposure has messed up this shot completely. Go manual and you can get much closer to what you are after. Close-up focusing is hit and miss too, pushing you towards the manual mode, which lets you set the focus.

    Night images could be better, too. The Motorola One Action handles dingy rooms pretty well. You can shoot 4K video using the main camera, though. Here are some more sample images I took with the Action:.