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It effectively changed files and rendered them unplayable until reinstalled but that's no longer an issue. The company has likewise implemented other small changes across the OS. Now, minor issues in a smartphone should be expected and generally increase with drops in pricing. But issues and inconsistencies in the operating system are extensive. In fact, they have a substantial impact across system interactions in every regard.

It's pervasive. OPPO also added quite a lot of bulk from pre-installed software. So the entire experience feels weighed down despite performing wonderfully. Unfortunately, there is also quite a lot that shouldn't be overlooked.

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They neither seem to align with either Google's stock settings layout and aren't necessarily logically arranged either. Or at least they aren't in a way that's easy to adapt to. The OS allows for a huge array of customizations and tweaks in terms of user experience and preference. So it isn't entirely a bad thing, aside from those being arranged in a way that doesn't always make things easy to find.

The latest Samsung phones have a similar issue too but that company gets around that by including items from other menus in each submenu. For instance, settings dealing with the appearance of certain display elements are shown as suggestions in the Display menu even though they'd typically be found in a different place in Settings.

OPPO Reno 2, as seen throughout my review, makes no such concessions. As a result, the search tool in Settings becomes invaluable but subsequently, it requires more clicks on the screen to find anything. Google Play — or a similar app — has been the premier app store for Android since very early on.

Oppo begins Android 10-based ColorOS trial update rollout to the Reno in India

It's just as far from stock Android as possible. For example, clicking an in-app ad to download an app or game redirects users to a selection menu. OPPO preloads its own app market as a choice. That's placed next to an obscure three-dot "more" icon. By default, that only houses the Google Play Store.

Top Tricks OPPO Reno 2 - Best Tips / Cool OPPO Features

But the implication of that is that OPPO is actively promoting the use of its own, similarly-featured store and services instead of Google's. While avoiding Google is desirable for some users, the majority are going to find it obnoxious that OPPO didn't just show both icons and instead chose to hide Google Play out of view. Similar situations cropped up in other areas and with other services. That's in addition to other quirks throughout the OS that aren't consistent with stock Android. There's nothing unusual about smartphones shipping with aftermarket apps.

OEMs thrive on partnerships that deliver good experiences to users and a new audience to app developers. The usual extras such as Facebook and Google apps. Music and video players, file manager, gallery app, and device manager are included, as are helpful apps for device theming or weather tracking. There's a compass, sound recorder, and a calculator built-in. Most apps can be uninstalled and not every extra is unneeded or feels useless.

Oppo Reno 3 Pro review: A beautiful yet imperfect phone - Technology News

It also comes with a music party app for playing media from multiple OPPO devices at once. And there's an app for instant paid access to foreign and domestic networks. Unfortunately, that's just the start of the extra apps. One prime example of that is the pre-installed "Game Center" app. That's an extension of the secondary App Market installed here in addition to Google Play.

The app delivers game suggestions. There's an entirely separate folder that does the same for apps. Things don't end there either. That's in spite of the fact that it doesn't perform like it is. Because the OPPO Reno 2 is actually not a bad camera, the gallery of sample photos can be found in the good review linked at the top here.

Unfortunately, this section exists because, like most negative attributes of this phone, there are problems with the layout of the software.

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  4. The issue I found wasn't finding individual features. Like most modern smartphones, AI is managing things here. So, for the most part, I didn't need to adjust things. Night, "Pano," Expert, timelapse, slow motion, AR stickers, and even Google Lens can be found under a three-dash menu right next to that. It wasn't until I began exploring the icons at the top that things got complicated. After around a week of using the camera, I still couldn't quite remember what all of those were without clicking on them. That's because different icons are used but that isn't the only issue.

    Visible elements change quite dramatically depending on which camera mode is selected too. Most companies keep quite a lot of consistency there. For example, the lens-selection icon is simply a set of close circles with an empty space between and a larger empty dot at the center. Or it's a closed-dot circle with another ring around it and a dashed ring between those. Or it's a square with a set of circles in it. Help us delete comments that do not follow these guidelines by marking them offensive.

    Let's work together to keep the conversation civil. China-based Oppo launched its latest flagship smartphone Oppo Reno 10x Zoom edition in India recently. The handset has now started receiving software update which comes with the latest June Android Security patch and other improvements.

    Major change introduced by the update include the AI Night Mode for low light photography.

    Oppo Reno 3 Pro review: A beautiful yet imperfect phone

    It also optimizes network stability and brings overall software improvement to the device. It is rolling out as an over-the-air OTA update and is available for users in India. Users can also check the update manually in the Settings app under the software update category. The company recently announced that the device will be soon up for purchase via both offline and online channels.

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