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Will recorded WWDC sessions be harder to produce remotely than they would with Apple employees on site, collaborating together? Of course. Professional quality video is way harder to produce than professional quality audio and slides. Nothing is off the table at this point. February 26th, It is essential that we, collectively, see that Trump is temperamentally unfit for the office. This was plainly obvious to those of us opposed to him all along. It should now be plainly obvious to anyone whose eyes are open.

Three weeks ago he was confidently telling the world the U.

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Instead, here we are with close to zero aspects of daily life are normal. Because what China was claiming was what he wanted to hear.

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Absolutely full-stop must-read interview by Steven Levy with Larry Brilliant, the epidemiologist who helped eradicate smallpox:. Now the unthinkable is here, and Brilliant, the Chairman of the board of Ending Pandemics, is sharing expertise with those on the front lines. We are a long way from million deaths due to the novel coronavirus, but it has turned our world upside down. But he did tell us so, not only in talks and writings, but as the senior technical advisor for the pandemic horror film Contagion , now a top streaming selection for the homebound.

We talked by phone on Tuesday. Brilliant lives in one of the six Bay Area counties where residents were ordered to shelter in place. The conversation has been edited and condensed.

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I found this exchange particularly salient, for perspective:. I think that, in turn, will increase the likelihood that we will have a vaccine or we will have a prophylactic antiviral in time to cut off, reduce, or truncate the spread. Everybody needs to remember: This is not a zombie apocalypse.

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  7. This is not just idle talk; Brilliant has spent his career truly contemplating extinction-event pandemics. The streaming giant said the bulk of the funds will go toward supporting laid-off crew members. This community has supported Netflix through the good times, and we want to help them through these hard times, especially while governments are still figuring out what economic support they will provide. Great move from Netflix. We need more like this from big companies that are well-positioned to financially weather this extended storm. If you are frustrated by feeds that include only article summaries, you will love Unread 2.

    Unread 2 automatically determines which feeds contain only article summaries. When displaying articles from such feeds, Unread displays the full article text from the webpage. In addition, Unread 2 can cache webpage text ahead of time. This gives you fast offline access to the webpage text and embedded images of such articles.

    Unread is gorgeous, and takes an entirely different course than NetNewsWire on how to design a great iOS feed reading app. My RSS subscriptions are largely about tech and design, and I keep political feeds in their own folder. Just as the Mac version looks like a Mac app, this is very much an iOS app. I love this term. Native is ambiguous. But it sure as shit is not a Mac-assed Mac app. We waited a long time for a retina MacBook Air. When we finally got it back in November , it was worth waiting for. The keyboard. Because the retina MacBook Air was so late to the modern MacBook era, it debuted with the third-generation butterfly-switch keyboard.

    That third-generation design really was much improved over the first two, especially, it seems, in terms of reliability. It just is. They were embarrassingly old. My thoughts and observations:. From my first-look review :. There are no build-to-order CPU options.

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    I could be wrong, but off the top of my head, I think this is a first for a Mac notebook in the Intel era. I hate picking a CPU. Putting cost aside, I never know what the right balance is between performance and battery life. These are the sort of decisions I want Apple to make. Previously the MacBook Air was hit by a double whammy: it was slower and less power efficient. Not bad for Intel.

    If anything, it feels a little better than the inch MacBook Pro keyboard. It has the same 1 mm key travel, very similar clickiness, but it maybe feels a little softer, in a good way. Or maybe it just sounds softer. This might not be the keyboard itself but rather a result of the very different case sizes.

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    Compared to the third-generation butterfly switch keyboard in the previous MacBook Air, it feels downright luxurious. To my taste, this conclusively proves that less than 1 mm travel is too little travel. The bottom line: Apple is once again making excellent, world-class, no-caveat MacBook keyboards, so something , however insignificant in the grand scheme of life, is right in the world. Also, I remain a huge fan of the Force Touch trackpad.

    The inch MacBook Air is duh a smaller device than the inch MacBook Pro, and it has a correspondingly smaller trackpad. Again, if anything, it feels better to me. They were already great. I do wish there were at least one USB-C port on the right, just to make it more convenient when the nearest power outlet is on that side. An option to get a Touch Bar? Not one bit. The speakers on this MacBook Air are great compared to Airs of old, but they pale in comparison to the rather amazing sound that comes out of a inch MacBook Pro.

    The camera stinks, especially in low light. I think this is largely a factor of just how thin the lids are on MacBooks. Is there room for a camera with better optics and a bigger sensor?

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    The new MacBook Air is what it looks like: nearly perfect. Pitch-perfect use of Futura Bold on the title screen, a vaguely Brazil -like dystopian atmosphere to open, and, once the iPad part kicks in, some fun shots of the iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard in action out in the world. Remember going out in the world?

    The Magic Keyboard is hot ; the Smart Keyboard is not. I get it, all of these are things that make iPads fun and useful. And, yes, a standard arrow cursor.