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iPhone 11 Pro

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Apple has never said deactivating the geolocation of each app would fully disable system geolocation in this case for UWB: only when setting airplane mode on, it is written on their doc.. You are saying the opposite through two consecutive posts; everyone here and on the mutiple press articles are missing this fact, I guess mainly because Apple said they will create an option to activate UWB or not.

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The iPhone 11 Pro’s Location Data Puzzler — Krebs on Security

Krebs on Security In-depth security news and investigation. December 5, at pm. That sounds right to me. December 6, at am. Every some minutes is very often. Who knows what else they want to know. Who knows what the complete capabilities of said thingy are? Thanks for the update and keeping us informed! The Sunshine State. Over priced tracking device! Eric Goebelbecker. December 9, at pm. Christoph, pc-fluesterer. December 6, at pm. Any use of Location Services causes the indicator to appear in the status bar.

Who buys and uses iphone anyway? Android is a way to go for any normal person. This UWS is just another battery and privacy killing unwanted feature. December 7, at am. Jeffrey Strubberg. Someone at Apple screwed up here, maybe a few people.

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December 7, at pm. December 8, at am. Yacht Rocker. December 8, at pm. December 12, at pm. The setup process will prompt you to set up a passcode, which we can't recommend enough. Our phones and tablets have our most private information on them, and you wouldn't want someone going through it, would you? Touch ID, which is what Apple calls its fingerprint reader in the home button, is still a thing on some iPad models and older iPhones.

If your device has a home button, be sure to set that up for fast unlocking, convenient mobile payments and security. A common frustration for iPhone owners is they don't have enough iCloud storage. Apple gives everyone 5GB for free, but it's hardly enough for the vast majority of people. Upping your plan will prevent headaches of failed backups down the road.

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You can change your iCloud data plan by opening the Settings app on your iPhone and tapping on your name at the top of the app. Don't stop yet. Here are essential setup tips you should learn, and a crucial feature to turn on right away. Any new Apple device will have iOS 13 or iPadOS 13 preinstalled, meaning you'll have to jump right in and learn all of the fresh features. There's a new dedicated dark mode, an easier way to connect to Wi-Fi networks, new features in Messages and a desktop-class version of Safari for the iPad.

Here's how to use all of that, and then some.

What can Apple's U1 chip do?

Not every feature is obvious, though, and that's alright. Hidden features are often the best kind, and we've dug up plenty of gems , such as a way to delete apps from the update screen, or the ability to use a mouse to control your iPad. Yeah, it's pretty cool. If you find yourself struggling with things like viewing your notifications or Face ID not working the way you think it should, we offer some sage advice for troubleshooting common problems.

Taking and sharing a screenshot is a quick and easy way of getting help troubleshooting an issue, or to show off a high score in your favorite game. You can take a screenshot by pressing the side button plus the volume-up button at the same time on newer devices, or if you have a device with a home button, press the power and home buttons at the same time.