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Create or delete a folder: There's no option for an apps tray in the default MIUI launcher, so to keep things tidy, folders can really help. Just long press on an app and drag it over another app to create a folder. You can then select all the apps and drag them out in one go. Rename a folder: It's not obvious, but if you tap on the name at top of a folder it will probably just say "Folder" , you can change the name of the folder.

Design & Screen

You can also toggle on suggested apps, but we'd avoid this and it adds adverts to your folders. Make your folders open faster: MIUI's handling of folders is pretty basic, but you can make them open faster using the accessibility settings to kill animations. This changes quite a lot of things, folders, notification shade, menu navigation. It makes it all faster, but you might not like the results.

Change the launcher: If you really don't like the Mi launcher home screen and apps tray , switching launcher will quickly change that. Find the launcher you want on Google Play and install it. When you press the home button you'll get a choice of launcher, just pick the new app and tick the "remember my choice" box. You can find out more about Android launchers here. Or long press on the home button to launch Google Assistant. You can change the intensity of the colour as well as define the schedule.

Cleverly, if you're watching an HDR video, it will automatically turn off so you get the full effect. Change the colour mode of the display: You can select from standard, increased contrast and automatic. The standard looks a little washed out, while increase contrast if more vibrant. Toggle it on and your settings menu, quick settings and other system areas will be dark instead of light. Reverse the navigation buttons: The default for the nav buttons at the bottom of the display is back-home-recent apps. Remove the navigation buttons completely: You can remove the buttons and use swipes to move around the phone instead.

There's tutorial to show you have to use the gesture controls once enabled. You can have a percentage or just the icon. Turn on ambient display: Ambient display - or always-on display as some call it - will put information on your standby screen. You can then tap on the displayed layout and pick from a range of different styles, from simple clocks to an astronaut. You can also schedule when you want ambient display to show in the same menu.

This will wake the display to the lock screen, so if you're not using ambient display, it's a nice way to get to things like the time. Use one-handed mode: You can shrink the size of the display to make the phone easier to use with one hand. Then just swipe from the home button to either the left or right edge and the screen will shrink. Repeat the swipe to return for full size. You can even set how big or small you want it to be. MIUI is a bit of a mess when it comes to sounds, silent mode and do not disturb. Here are the default sound modes:.

Silent vs do not disturb: This is the decision you have to make. Either can be scheduled, but do not disturb kills all sounds, silent doesn't although see below. Do not disturb, however, gives you the option to have floating notifications. Scheduled do not disturb can be irritating as it will instantly kill your app noise along with everything else. Tap on each mode to see the options. Turn the media volume down: If the phone isn't on a call, then the volume controls control the media volume, so just hit the buttons to turn that up or down. Hold volume down and the media volume will go all the way to silent - while some others will only go to vibrate.

Mute media in silent mode: Silent mode stops calls and notifications, but will allow media sounds like music. That means you can be in silent, you can open a game and the music will still play.

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You'll then see a toggle to "mute music stream". Allow vibration in silent mode: The meeting room classic, the volume is down, but phones are buzzing away. You can also use the camera flash. Turn off unnecessary system sounds: There are sounds for things like locking the screen or vibration on tap, which you might want to control. At the bottom of the list you'll find the controls for all those sounds you might not want.

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You'll also find here to option to turn off "vibrate on tap". Sadly, one noise you can't control is the "sound restored to normal" notification.

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The quick settings is a great part of Android, letting you get to all the important settings easily. Press and hold on an icon and you'll go through to the full settings menu for that section. One swipe shows you the a single row of settings - five - a double swipe opens the full grid, nine icons.

Supported appliances. ADB Driver Installer 9. Currently Netflix is already been there since start as part of product logo app. Features 5. It uses Android as operating system which means you can install any app from Google Play app store. Connect to a world of content and entertainment at home with Mi Box S. Android 9 Pie features: An in-depth look at everything new in the latest version of Android. Wifi is working, mouse is working - but remote is not working, so will have to look at the link above and try to get that one sorted out.

Xiaomi Market works in a very similar way to the official Uptodown. The application.

Xiaomi Mi 9T

Whenever I change the TV box I install this launcher, since it is light years away from what most manufacturers offer us especially if we have a cheap box. The update was spotted by a U. There are many improvements and new enhancements in the latest build of. Connect to a world of content and entertainment at home with Mi Box.

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Want to take the next version of Android for a spin? Here's how to install the Android 9. These all were the Feature of Android 8. STB Emulator is an all around awesome addon for your Android box.

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While Google is busy preparing the ground for Android Q, Xiaomi has now updated its roadmap for the Android 9. The easiest way to update your Android is by connecting it to Wi-Fi and using. During the last couple of years, Mi has managed to continuously bring interesting devices to the market. My favorite launcher for Android TV. Check How to Download Mi. Mi Box also recommends videos based on your personal Youtube and Google Play preferences!. A powerful and elegant launcher. BTW, you can buy it from Gearbest. The latest Xiaomi Mi Box update delivers refresh rate switching as well as.

However, no matter the features, upgrades, and updates of an Android TV box, we will always want to experience its full potential. The keyboard that comes with this Android TV box is also a step above others, at least as far as performance goes. The king of multiplayer FPS games -- now on Android.

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Sideload Launcher is a great app to have on your Android TV because most devices don't show the sideloaded apps. I will do my best to bridge the users here who have troubles with Oreo firmware with the dev team. Developer Preview releases are early baseline builds for developers only. Can't reproduce.

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We also have all the information you need about your favorite TV shows, so you can switch the channel faster, or even watch the show on your mobile device. Recently Xiaomi has started the Oreo Beta program for Xiaomi Mi A1 which is available for testers and we also share a guide to install the beta on Non-Beta testers but now official stable Oreo is released. Submitted baselines ratings are averaged to determine the PassMark rating seen on the chart.

It runs on the latest Android TV 6. Now you can download apps directly in APK format, quickly and safely. Whenever you can't find your remote or feel like pranking your friends, Mi Remote will be there to help. According to the statement, he was asked to released to the public by the tech team on xiaomi. Android Box,Android 9. What add-ons come pre-installed on Android TV boxes? However, the latest official update, which is being released in recent days, is bringing a newer version of Android 9 Pie. Tags android cheats android download android mods apk cheats apk games download mod mikandi apk free apk apps free paid apps mikandi MiKandi [Gold Unlocked] 7.

Updated on December 25, Xiaomi released Android 9. Hack App Data is an app that does just what the name suggests: modifies an app's data. If you use any form of. Turn your smartphone into a wireless universal remote control with the Unified Remote App.