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5 find my friends or spying apps using Android phone GPS

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How to Easily Remove a Malware or Apps on Samsung Galaxy A3, A5, A7 (2016, 2017) (SAFE MODE)

Who are you? Enter Go to article. Depending on the phone's design, it may be a replacement feature or complementary to the Notification LED. A phone with AOD enabled keeps a limited portion of the screen on during sleep mode. Instead of the notification LED blinking to serve as an indicator for any incoming messages or notifications which the user may need to check out, an Always On Display shows the time, date, and battery status by default, but can be configured to also show various types of notifications as they arrive or screensavers.

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All current Android phones have differing behavior for this feature. Some phones briefly turn on the Ambient display when notifications arrive and then the screen turns off. In some models, the screen is off to save battery, turns on when notifications arrive and remains on as long as they are not dismissed or read.

Depending on whether the manufacturer supports it, not all apps may be supported for showing notifications with this feature - only first party apps or popular apps may be supported, or all third party apps may be supported but may need to be explicitly enabled.


On today's AMOLED phone displays, it is true that only a few pixels may need to be turned on but they do need to be moved to prevent pixel burn in. Also on LCD displays, the backlight has to be turned on even if a part of the screen shows information so this feature consumes a significant amount of power compared to a notification LED.

Typically, an Ambient display solution which turns on the screen only when notifications are present, remains on, but turns off when they are dismissed will consume the least amount of battery power while still drawing the user's attention when required, in contrast to an Always-on Display which will keep the screen on, all of the time, to show some information, even if notifications may not be present.

Since the date and time are less essential than battery status or notifications which may require the user's immediate attention, an AOD can be customized in many app-based implementations to only show notifications or selectively choose what is shown.

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Also, some phones keep the screen off most of the time but light up only for notifications and nothing else, and once the notifications are acknowledged or dismissed by the user, the screen goes off again. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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