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This can be used to store audio files on the watch itself, which can be streamed directly to a Bluetooth headset. There is support for Bluetooth 5. The device is water resistant up to 5 ATM, so you will be able to take it for a swim. The 46mm variant is also capable of receiving calls over Bluetooth.

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Huawei runs proprietary software on the Watch GT 2, and it is compatible with devices running Android 4. While this would seem like a huge cause for concern, Huawei has included a large number of essential features on the device. Just like most other smartwatches, the Huawei Watch GT 2 is capable of step and distance tracking.

Huawei P40 Pro could have even less bezel than the Galaxy S20 Ultra | TechRadar

It also has its own GPS for tracking distance. Heart-rate, sleep, and stress monitoring are also supported though stress tracking works only when paired with Android smartphones. There's also workout logging, and a few workouts are pre-configured. Huawei has managed to cover the basics, but the workout list is not as expansive as Samsung's on the Watch Active 2.

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The pairing process is simple and quick. Sleep and heart-rate tracking are enabled by default. Stress tracking needs to be enabled manually, through the Health app on an Android smartphone. The Huawei Watch GT 2 has a crisp display that is viewable under direct sunlight. The ambient light sensor is quick to bump the brightness up when needed. Huawei does not offer an always-on mode on this smartwatch but you can keep the display on for up to 20 minutes after use.

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  • This might disappoint people wanting an always-on display. The watch is quick to wake up when you raise your hand, and the display goes off when you lower it. Performance could have been better, as the smartwatch feels slow when scrolling through the UI, compared to the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2.

    If you swipe quickly a couple of times, the Watch GT 2 might fail to register the last one. It also takes some time to open submenus, which might get annoying when you're in a hurry. While using the watch at a casual pace we did not notice these issues.

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    The Watch GT 2 buzzes to alert you to incoming notifications, and you can set the intensity of the vibration. You can see alerts on the watch but cannot interact with them, so for example if you were hoping to be able to reply to WhatsApp messages quickly using the watch, you'll be disappointed. What you can do is take calls on the watch. The inbuilt speaker is fairly loud but you will have to move it close to your ears to hear callers clearly. We put the Watch GT 2's fitness tracking functionality to the test by walking exactly 1 km, and the watch reported 1.

    To check step counting accuracy we manually counted 1, steps as we walked, and the watch registered which is also acceptable. We can say that the Huawei Watch GT 2 is good at step and distance tracking. Sleep tracking was accurate on the Watch GT 2 as well, and it recorded our bedtime correctly. The app shows a graph and assigns a score to the quality of sleep. It also breaks down your sleep patterns into deep, light, and REM sleep.

    The Huawei Watch GT 2 is capable of continuous heart-rate monitoring. Huawei does not state the device's battery capacity, but does claim two-week battery life for the 46mm Watch GT 2. This might seem too good to be true, and it isn't. However, the Watch GT 2 still managed a respectable 10 days with the default settings, which is much better than most other smartwatches out there. If you enable stress tracking and log workouts actively, expect the battery life to go down.

    Charging was quick in our experience, and it only took a little over an hour to charge the battery completely. The charger is compact and easy to carry around. The Huawei Watch GT 2 is a good-looking smartwatch that offers very good battery life. If you are looking for a capable smartwatch for basic fitness tracking and notifications, and don't wish to charge it every other day, the Huawei Watch GT 2 makes a very strong case for itself. It measures 6.

    Huawei's choice to reduce the bezels of the device to leave more space on the screen is a success. But it is above all the declination of the colors of the screen to adapt it to the comfort of the eyes that holds my intention. I really liked the "Eye Comfort" feature that filters out blue light for better comfort. You can activate it manually or program it, which is ideal because you can activate it at nightfall or for one last use before going to sleep. At this price, the screen size of the Huawei Y6s is a very good thing.

    One thing, though: the materials used to make the screen require us to clean the phone quite often, otherwise our fingers won't slide properly. Apart from this important problem, the size of the screen makes it possible to view videos on the Internet very well, to play arcade games or even to make a Skype with a camera. The extra trick: you can adapt the screen as you wish. This means that it is possible to customize the color temperature of the screen by going to the settings menu. Depending on your preferences, the screen may display a cooler or warmer colour. With regard to the glass front used to make the screen, this is a good thing because this material sometimes makes reflections or contrasts of light very unpleasant.

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    With uncertainty surrounding Huawei's use of Google products remains, the Huawei Y6s offers full Android 9. The classic Google applications are pre-installed and the device seems to be able to handle the installation of several power-hungry applications from the Google Play Store. The EMUI 9. It may seem surprising at this purchase price, but it is true that the simple and intuitive software experience makes this model quite interesting. The question is obviously yes. If you use your smartphone to communicate, play a bit or even listen to some music, this is quite enough.

    In this respect, I really appreciated the intelligent energy management that contributes to the optimization of the phone. As such, the 32GB offering is more than sufficient to store videos, music, and photos. Unfortunately, the phone never made it to the end of the exercise. The screen went black and we got an error message indicating that the application was blocked. The Huawei Y6s remains a low-end phone despite its advantages.

    We must, therefore, judge it as such. The sound quality is therefore incomparable to a medium or high-end smartphone. This phone is not playing in the big sound league, far from it. So the sound is still very average.

    Huawei P40 Pro could have even less bezel than the Galaxy S20 Ultra

    I used mid-range headphones and turned up the volume while watching videos and listening to music. The phone quickly reaches its limits and the sound gets lost in the bass. So it's not a model for music lovers or for those who care about sound. Whether you use very good headphones or not, the Huawei reproduces the sound fairly moderately.

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    Even with these smartphones, the differences in quality during the day are no longer as easy to recognize for a normal user. It is only at night and in the corresponding night mode that the differences between smartphones become more obvious. The Huawei Y6s is not part of this elite but that doesn't mean it has a poor quality camera.

    As a general rule, it allows you to take good pictures in good light. With this Huawei, you will be able to take sharp and bright shots without spending astronomical amounts of money. On paper, the new version of the Y6s has not changed from the model. There's a megapixel main camera in the back and an 8-megapixel lens in the front.

    Under normal lighting conditions, the update of the photo software has produced encouraging results in the smartphone market and is satisfactory in relation to the price of this model. With good light, pictures can look successful, whereas in low light, images are average. One big downside, however, are the night photos.

    Whether it's activating the flash, night mode or following your instincts, pictures taken at night are really bad.

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    But as a rule, you get what you pay for.