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Trade War! USA v. China

But the US now says that was a lie—many of the employees received full bonuses, and they didn't receive letters of reprimand until early —after the US government challenged ZTE on the issue. ZTE makes heavy use of Qualcomm chips for its smartphones and other products. Even worse, the export ban included Google's suite of standard Android apps.

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While the Android operating system itself is open source, Google has maintained control over apps like Google Maps and, most importantly, the Play Store. Outside of China, it's difficult to sell an Android phone without access to Google's app store. Now it appears that ZTE is on the verge of going out of business altogether. ZTE says it is "actively communicating with the relevant US government departments" to negotiate a reversal of the export ban.

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Currently, Android Wear still depend on the phone for some heavier tasks. And I think part of the reason is related to the battery and hte processing power on the watch that just cannot compete against what the phone can do.

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It is still more like a companion device and the benefit I guess is that as long as you have the phone nearby, you would able to get the information without pulling it out or unlock it. I use my watch as a stand alone gps tracker when I ride bicycles.

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I use the Strava app or Ghost Racer app. Works great! Can you hear me Google Maps?!!!!! And I get 6 hours of ride time running gps and cellular, so battery life is not an issue for me. GPS signal is very strong and I've never had a signal drop while riding in the past 6 months, and I log about miles a week. I don't know if there is an App for tracking someone wearing the watch.

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Hello there. There may be a way if you know of a good GPS tracking app. You could always try to sideload it. Check out the video below. Also, there is a program for your computer to make it easier to sideload apps.

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  2. ZTE Blade V8 Pro review: A decent phone that would be better off with a single camera?
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  4. I use it for Strava too! And I love that I can receive calls and track my runs without my phone. But the new update stopped the standalone GPS from working. Have you had this issue?

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    My watch is up to date and standalone gps works. Try using the Ghost Racer app. It uploads to your Strava account. Also check your settings in strava app. Make sure it's set to standalone, maybe it was changed during update. Howdy, Stranger! It looks like you're new here.

    Parental Control App for ZTE BLADE L

    Wondering how to keep control on the activities of your child and disable features that are inappropriate to their age? Here is the good news for parents.

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    Kids Place is one of the most downloaded parental control on Android app with best parental control software. The app allows you to limit the screen time for your kid that will automatically turn on and turn off the apps on their smart phone as per your setting.