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In terms of benchmarks, the Blade Max View fell way behind its competitors. The Nokia 6. Although Android 9.

ZTE’s Blade Max View will struggle to carve a slice of the budget market

Not too long ago it was the norm to see budget phones ship with bloatware-ridden, older versions of Android. Over the past year though, things have started to change.

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Both the Nokia 6. While Android 7. It joins the Moto G6 Play and Nokia 6. Cameras have long been a sore spot when it comes to budget phones. The front-facing camera comes in at 8-megapixels. While low light photos tend to be a real weak spot for budget phones, the Blade Max View was a pleasant surprise.

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During our test, we found daylight photos had excellent color accuracy and detail. And while the photos, look great for a budget phone, they did appear a little flat. Low light photos tend to be a real weak spot for budget phones, but once again the Blade Max View was a pleasant surprise. Our night photos came out with decent color accuracy and detail. We had no problem getting over a day from a single charge. In fact, we left with the office with the phone completely charged on a Friday at p.

When we used the adapter in the box, we managed to get about a 55 percent boost over the span of a half hour. ZTE offers a limited one-year warranty that protects the handset from manufacturing defects. It does not cover any damage caused by normal wear and tear or accidental drops. While the ZTE Blade Max View has a great display and capable camera, the sluggish Snapdragon makes it a poor choice in a very competitive budget phone market. There are a few better alternatives. That said, the lackluster processor is already sluggish, and will likely become unbearable for many people within a year or two.

Previous Next. I tried the app as well as several other SD Mover apps and none work for me.

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Is the Pop Icon one of these that won't allow moving apps to the SD card? I realize that some apps can be moved and others can't. My issue is that even for the apps that are movable, my Pop Icon does not offer me the "Move to SD" button. Thanks in advance. If I buy my Moto E through the ad web link do you get credit for it? How do I make sure you get a portion of the phones I am about to buy through your Ad Links?

Periodically every 20 minutes , without warning or authorization, the minutes on your phone will mysteriously "tick away" in increments of. I called their customer service department and was told, "You're screwed, we can't do anything about the missing minutes".

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So, TracPhone will steal your money and then tell you, "You're screwed". What a marvelous business model. Question: Looking through the phones, there seems to be one the ZTE that might have voice texting. My main complaint of any phone is the time it takes to type out a text. Is this right. Does this phone have the ability to take voice command and turn it into a text? Are there any other Tracfones that will do that? Love this site-I reference it all the time!! Is this how it is supposed to work??? Both seem to be the same physical size. Both are 3. Our new security system app requires the UID to operate.

Thank you. I bought the Huawei phone based on the reviews here, and it worked well for over a year. Now, all the time, when I am reading a screen I asked for, the phone will suddenly return to the search screen; sometimes it says it is updating. Is this the fault of the phone or with the TracFone service? Good News Everybody!! Tracfone just announced that we can bring our own smartphone to Tracfone. The game just changed!! Peter I've had a bit of a problem since Easter lost my phone The kindthat does not use a sim card cadm?

Anyway I've tried to purchase several phones at walmart all the salesmen said it would work but alas in they do not. Can you tell me the easiest and least expensive place to buy a replacement. Also on wasan android which works most places biut not at home, might keep that one for travel.

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Sorry to run this on , Im 70 and forgetting things like crazy, It's a Uc is there a way to set it only to open a browser when I have wifi? Many, many Thanks. Don PS I get your emails and enjoy them to no end. Don, you should go to QVC. They will send you the correct phone according to your address and you'll find some great deals!

Or go directly to tracfone. Hello Tracfonerreviewer!

Great website and it helps me make my decisions in purchasing my next Tracfone. Have you heard of this? Let us know what you think of this! I read that roaming is not possible with tracfones. Does this mean that the phone can only be used in the zip code area where the user lives?

If so, doesn't this defeat the purpose of a cell phone? Thank-you for any information you can give me. I now have a "dumb" tracfone but would like to upgrade to a smart phone.

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I live in Florida and was making calls from my phone while in Alaska. The replacement one is no better. Half the time I have to take the battery out and put it back in just to boot it up. That is what the original LG15G started doing before it eventually died. So I see the same pattern. It's so unreliable that family and friends call me on land lines now.

That will not happen now as we need at least 1 reliable phone when we travel together. So I look at this as a lesson learned. I would not recommend this company.

A complete stranger at a Verizon store told me the same thing happened to his son. I had over minutes and over a month to go on my prepaid card when they deactivated my phone.