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You now can bring up the software volume slider by double tapping either side the phone where the volume buttons would usually be located. The power button is still there, but due to the frame being pushed towards the back of the phone, is also located in a bit of an unusual location.

I might sound a bit overzealous on this aspect of the phone and maybe am a bit too negative and harsh, but for me the ergonomics of a phone are quite important and in this regard the Mate 30 Pro feels like a step backwards from the Mate 20 Pro and the P30 Pro. While on the Mate 20 Pro I said that one could possibly get used to it, on the Mate 30 Pro the characteristic is a lot more noticeable thanks to the more drastic curvature of the screen.

The characteristic is noticeable in bright conditions, but especially in lower light conditions, and when viewing the phone from the side this can be excruciatingly visible as a bright stripe which is quite distracting. Naturally the less curved corners mean that the phone feels boxier than its predecessors, which again for me constitutes as a regression in terms of the ergonomics of the device.

The back of the phone has seen a larger redesign, which is a bit odd given what Huawei had promised last year. For the Mate 20 Pro Huawei had proclaimed it wanted to make the square camera cut-out design a defining feature of the Mate series that people would instantly recognize.

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Well this year the square is a circle, and the triple-camera setup becomes a quad-camera setup. The telephoto is a 8MP 3x zoom factor in relation to the main camera and seemingly the same setup as on the Mate 20 Pro and regular P The big new camera addition for this generation was the addition of a 40MP super-wide-angle module.

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The top and bottom of the phone adopts a similar flat design introduced with the P30 series which is relatively unique. Huawei this year opted to go for an actual speaker grill for the bottom firing main speaker instead of reusing the USB-C port as a speaker vent. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Indeed I'd say that this is not Android at all, Android for most people being the combination of core operating system and Google Services. Privacy Policy.

Huawei P30 Pro review: A phone with superpowers

Contact Us. Because part two of our brief history of Android is developer entrapment. Google understands devs. Google has created tantalising APIs to make writing Android apps easier. Mobile payments, Text to Speech support, Cloud Storage tie-ins, location services, the list goes on.

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The kicker, though, is that Google introduced the most useful and appealing of these features into its ring-fenced version of Android, not the open source AOSP. What does all this mean for Huawei? Not having the Google Play Store is a big deal, so getting apps on board will require a different process, but this is the very visible tip of the iceberg. Next, you can install a third-party app store like APK Pure or the Aurora Store to manage your updates and find new apps — job done.

With recent additions including Tinder, early signs are encouraging. Sideloading Google services, I was getting instant alerts again. Onto gaming and Google Play Games is used for cloud saves. Missing GMS could even wreck your love life, with gay dating app Grindr dependent upon it as well. So is this all one big evil power play by Google?

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The result was a browser choice window. Enter Huawei.

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In principle, this checks out. One possible smart move would be for Huawei to go open source with all of it — the HMS core and its AppGallery, allowing both to be installed on any Android device. Other services can already be used in place of GMS in some instances.

Along with Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi, Huawei is taking on the Play Store, with a one-click deployment solution, announced earlier in February, for developers to create apps for their respective app stores.