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Many manufacturers have been using a display with a notch cut out of it to house these components, but Samsung is taking a slightly different approach and cutting a camera hole right out of the display.

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In reality, Samsung really did take an OLED panel and cut a hole out of it, but because just about any mechanical tool would shatter the wafer-thin OLED panel, the company used a " proprietary laser-cutting technology " to surgically slice away the unwanted pixels. The hard part about cutting a hole in an existing display is that Samsung's laser needs to be tuned to cut away only certain layers of the OLED panel.

While Samsung's hole-punch display is unique and distinctive, if the goal is "have a front camera while minimally interfering with the screen," there are better options out there. Samsung's camera hole goes deeper into the display than a lot of other solutions, so you have less uninterrupted room for apps. Android requires presenting apps with an uninterrupted rectangular area, so the status bar needs to surround any screen blemishes.

With the S10 design, this means the status bar needs to be twice as tall as normal. As for the actual icons inside the status bar, they all just start to the left of the camera hole.

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You still get a front camera with all the usual sensors, but OnePlus manages to contain everything in the normal status-bar size. Samsung's design seems to focus just on looking unique rather than fitting functionality in the smallest space possible. Unfortunately for Samsung, competitors like Huawei have already stolen its thunder and beaten the company to market with hole-punch displays.

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In landscape, the camera hole is not surrounded by the status bar. But it still gets quarantined by Android with a black box by default, giving apps an uninterrupted rectangular area. Videos from YouTube and Netflix work just fine like this, since there is still enough room to fit the videos into the display.

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For landscape apps, Samsung gives you the option to change how apps interact with the hole punch with an "Aspect ratio" setting. Just hope it doesn't block anything!

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The unique aspect of the hole punch design over a notch is that you get pixels all the way around the camera cutout. Samsung uses this for one unique flare: if you switch to the front camera in the camera app, you'll get a quick swirl of white pixels around the camera hole. Third-party apps have come up with all sorts of cute uses for the camera. Like the Pixel 3, the idea behind Samsung's dual front cameras is that one is for normal selfies while the second is for wide-angle selfies, kind of like having a build-in selfie stick.

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The Pixel 3 uses 18mm and 28mm lenses, giving you a more dramatic difference between the two choices. The camera isn't the only thing Samsung has hidden inside the display. The Samsung Galaxy S10 features a curved 6. The new S series screen goes edge-to-edge with the front-facing camera situated into a laser-cut hole in the top-right corner. The Galaxy S10's 10MP front camera features dual autofocus and has a triple-lens camera on the back. The battery also got an upgrade with a 3,mAh battery that claims to last all day. Expect price drops to settle after the Galaxy S20 goes on sale, with further seasonal discounts by store and carrier, such as buy one, get one free offers.

The Galaxy S10 remains as terrific a phone as it was when I first reviewed it in March The screen, camera and battery life are top notch. There are a few main differences to be aware of between the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus, if you're considering the two:. That said, the Galaxy S10 is going to be more of a value buy until the next Notes arrive around August.

With a few exceptions, the core features are same as the Plus model. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

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