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Unlike some others in the market, the phone retains a squared design, with only slight curving off the edges. The display on both of the new Pixels is a double-edged sword—great performance with limited brightness.

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  5. It's impossible to argue with the inclusion of a screen with a 90Hz refresh rate, which is thankfully becoming an industry standard. Much like the recently-released OnePlus 7T , it enhances smoothness when scrolling through websites or playing games. It means the screen is refreshed 90 times a second. But unlike most other devices, Google's mode is dynamic, meaning it downgrades to 60 Hz if brightness dips below 75 percent.

    The company says it does so to preserve the battery, but a spokesperson told Engadget it will soon roll out fresh updates that will "include enabling 90hz in more brightness conditions. In reality, the majority of Pixel 4 users are already likely to have their brightness levels topped out, unless they are sitting in a dark room where a lower light is preferred.

    Despite great color accuracy and sharpness, testing by DisplayMate shows that screen brightness sits at about nits, which is below the iPhone 11 nits and Samsung S10 1, nits. It's very noticeable when placed beside other high-end devices. Google has brought "Ambient EQ " into the Pixel, which adjusts display colour temperatures to mimic the environment, and it works as advertised.

    Initially, brightness was always at percent when outside, although I admittedly became more used to lower brightness levels over time.

    Adjust the display's refresh rate

    Thanks to an upgraded 6GB of RAM and a Qualcomm Snapdragon which isn't the latest chipset but still performs well , performance on the Pixel series is better than ever. Multi -tasking and switching between apps is extremely snappy, and there were zero issues with slowdown, crashing or unexpected stalling on the new devices during the week's use. The Pixels run on the Android 10 mobile operating system OS and will always be among the first to receive security updates from the company.

    The Pixels also include a redesigned Google Assistant that is both quicker at opening apps and more efficient at answering queries. The menu can be accessed by squeezing both sides of the smartphone , but is optional. Honestly, it's not something I frequently use on any device.

    Google Pixel 4 Review: no longer at the smartphone forefront

    There is a Google Hub sitting in my kitchen, and that's great, but the voice-help experience doesn't always translate to mobile, in my opinion, and I have little interest in speaking to the handset out loud in public. The new Pixel series touts "on device" artificial intelligence including "Live Caption," which captions speech in audio or video in real time. A new "Recorder" application is able to quickly transcribe text and sounds from audio and store it in a searchable format.

    It's actually quite amazing and is a game changer for anyone who frequently transcribes audio. Yes, it's mostly going to be journalists and businesspeople , but it's still a really neat use of Google AI. While there is the option of using the traditional PIN number or pattern passcodes , face unlock is impressively quick on the new Pixels, even if it comes at the expense of other forms of biometric identification, such as the in-screen fingerprint scanner, which I have personally come to prefer in recent years as the back-end technology has improved. It's my go-to password experience, so having it missing on the new Pixels was a real downside.

    By taking advantage of the Soli radar chip that is embedded in the front bezel, the Pixel 4 actually works by proactively hunting for your face as you are reaching for the phone, meaning it opens astoundingly quickly, even in the dark. Security concerns raised after users found it still worked with the user's eyes closed i. The Pixel 4's face unlocking is processed on the device, without scans ever leaving the phone or being shared externally, and are protected by a scarily-named "Titan M" security chip.

    The tiny Soli chip enables what Google is calling "Motion Sense," which are a set of gesture controls that work by tracking the human hand inside the phone's radar bubble. On the new Pixels, the feature lets you skip songs and snooze clock alarms by waving your hand in front of the screen, without ever actually touching the phone. Yes, like a Jedi. Google says the technology will get better over time, and that is welcome news because unfortunately it doesn't always work.

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    Perhaps one in times, a song would fail to skip for no discernible reason, and the handset does not provide advice on what is being done wrong. It also felt oddly limited. I innately expected to have more control over navigation, for example when multitasking or closing apps. Most times, it was just as quick to tap the screen than take the chance of it not working. It's unclear how many people will use it, and it may be dismissed as a gimmick, but it's likely a glimpse of where smartphones are going in the near future. Pixel fans will be upset to learn that Google has chosen to scrap unlimited original-quality photo backups to Google Photos, a perk that was previously offered alongside prior models.

    Instead, the company is offering a three month free trial of Google One, a subscription service which includes gigabytes GB of cloud memory.

    My $1, mistake: Here's why I’m returning the Pixel 4 XL to Google | ZDNet

    Unlimited pictures can still be stored in a "high" quality, but Google warns that they may be compressed or resized in the process. This new technology would push any smartphone to the brink—so it was strange to see a 3, mAh battery included on the larger Pixel 4 XL and a 2, mAh in the 4, which both lag behind competitors, many of which offer 4, mAh -plus batteries boasting two-day juice reserves. XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality.

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